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Concord Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling is a design-build company established in 1979 by owner/operator Ernest Cimino. Over the years we have established a reputation of excellence by consistently delivering the highest quality workmanship.

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Mr. Cimino-

Would like to take a minute and thank you for the excellent work your company did for us in our kitchen. The ideas you had, the ability to listen to what we were trying to get across was greatly appreciated. Workmanship was outstanding, the materials used were excellent. All your sub-contractors followed your directions and completed in the time frame that was understood. I can't say enough of the enjoyment our new kitchen has given us. Renovations can be difficult in a home that is being lived in and you made us able to function in our house with very minor incontinences. If we had to do over, we would do the exact same way.

Thanks again for the great job, Ernie.
Dan and Jean
Andover Ma.01810



Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc.

Ernie Cimino:

The quality of workmanship of our remodeled kitchen and two bathrooms was outstanding.   All of your employees and subcontractors were very reliable and easy to work with.  You always delivered on time and were very responsive to any concerns we may have had.   Although it’s been a few years, we still get many compliments on our kitchen and bathrooms.  We would highly recommend you and your company to our family and friends.

John & Janet
Acton Ma.



Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling, Inc
Re: Recommendation Letter

To prospective customers:

My wife and I embarked on a significant remodeling project to our home several years ago, and chose Ernie Cimino’s company, Concord, Kitchen & Bath (CKB), after speaking with several references.  Not only was it important to us to receive high quality work, it was also critical that we would be comfortable with the workers that would be in our house, around our young children, and be part of our lives for many months.  On both counts Concord Kitchen & Bath delivered - we continue to stay in touch with Ernie, and CKB has helped us out with several smaller projects since.

Our project included construction of a new garage, master bedroom with bath, and a complete kitchen remodel.  From the outset we were pleased with the level of feedback and meaningful recommendations to improve our project, as well as the attention to detail throughout the project.  Throughout the project we made a few changes, but there were never any surprises and we stayed on budget with exception of changes we requested and agreed to before they were implemented.
One of the most satisfying aspects of our choice to use Ernie and CKB has been the follow-up service for any items that require attention.  If we have any issue with an item that requires alteration or repair, we can make a phone call to Ernie and know he will be there to quickly get the issue resolved.  Ernie truly stands behind his work and the follow-up service has been outstanding!

We have been living in our remodeled home for several years now and are still extremely pleased with the overall project.  We have recommended Ernie and CKB to many friends and neighbors and continue to hear positive feedback on Ernie’s work.  We highly recommend Concord Kitchen & Bath for your remodeling project, not only for a quality product, but also for sound piece of mind that Ernie and CKB will be there to service the project as needs arise in the future.

Dave & Sara
Bedford, MA

Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen and Bath, Concord Construction

There are so many great things we have to say about our experience with Ernie Cimino. We had no connection to Concord Kitchen and Bath before asking Ernie to bid on our first-ever addition. It was a pretty sizable job, but from the moment we met him, it was clear that Ernie was in complete control of the details and understanding of what it would take to organize and produce our project. We had as many planning sessions as were needed to sort through the multitude of choices and finer points, the work started on time and stayed on time. There were many days when it was clear that Ernie went the extra mile to make sure we stayed on track.

Of course, one of the major concerns of any sizable construction project is budget. Ernie worked with us to create the plans for the job and then did not waiver one penny from the way the project was speced.

One of Concord Kitchen and Bath’s major strengths are the employees and sub-contractors that Ernie brings in. Each and every aspect of the job was done in superb fashion by professionals who understood very well the standards that Ernie demanded for the project. From framers to roofers to plasterers to electricians, Ernie works with nothing but the best. Whether we’re talking about workmanship or reliability or willingness to suggest and communicate alternative methods or materials, Ernie and all the different people he brought in were top notch.

We could go on and on about our experience with Ernie Cimino and his company. Perhaps the most telling sign of our happiness with his work is that five years after completing our addition, Ernie came back and did a whole basement gutting and renovation. Once again, the project was first class.

We have recommended Concord Kitchen and Bath to several of our friends with the complete confidence that they would have equally happy experiences with Ernie Cimino. It goes without saying that in each instance our friends were as happy with their projects as we were with our’s.

We’d be happy to further discuss our experience with Concord Kitchen and Bath.
Adam & Louisa

Nearly five years after the completion of our addition, we continue to be impressed by the high quality of the work done by Concord Kitchen and Bath. Ernie Cimino and his subcontractors were easy to work with and are perfectionists in every sense of the word. One of the challenges of doing an addition is for the new structure not to stand out as “an addition”, but rather to appear to flow from the design of the original house. We feel that CKB accomplished this goal, as evidenced by the many compliments we continue to receive – and virtually no one says, “Oh, when did you add this family room?" At a time when many contractors cut corners, rush their work, and use inferior building materials, CKB stands out as a throwback to an earlier era of attention to detail, respect for the customer, and the use of the highest-quality materials. We were also amazed by CKB’s versatility and imagination in helping us improve the “older” part of our house.  In addition to building a new family room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, porch, and deck, Ernie and his contractors also retro-fitted our house for central air conditioning, installed a new heating system, modified our plumbing so we could connect to the town sewer, and re-roofed the entire house!  We will always be grateful for the referral that led us to Concord Kitchen and Bath, which is why we never hesitate to sing their praises to anyone considering an addition or re-modeling.
Ed and Robin,
Bedford, MA

Over the past twelve or so years, we have had Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc. do a number of projects for us.  They have varied from the large to the very small and have included adding on to our house (to give me an office and double the size of our dining room), completely redoing our kitchen, putting a small porch by our front door and a minor upgrade to one of our bathrooms.

In each case, once we agreed on the work to be done and the price to be paid, the work was done on time and for the agreed-upon price.  There were no surprises:  a rarity in the construction business!  The quality of the work was excellent.  His people were a pleasure to work with and were always neat (cleaning up after their work each day) and on-time.  In fact, I have continued to use his electrical sub-contractor for a number of jobs over the years.

After the fact, even years later, when small items have come up related to any of the jobs that he has done, Ernie has always come through for us in a timely fashion.
We are happy to recommend Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc. for any projects you might have.

Joel and Elaine

Dear Ernie:
We want to tell you what a pleasure it was having you do our remodeling project.  You and your crew did a great job.  As you remember, our project involved tearing down the garage, adding a family room, bath and porch, and putting on a new garage.  You also completely redid the kitchen and the two old baths.  You made several good suggestions for changes to the plans Jan and I developed and we were impressed with the high quality materials you used.  You were easy to work with and small changes didn’t upset you.  Over the years, we have gotten many compliments on the work you did.
Thanks again.

Norm and Janet
Bedford, MA



Ernie Cimino from Concord Kitchen and Bath helped us to redesign and remodel our kitchen, as well as an upstairs bathroom, shortly after we moved into our house in Belmont. We had an excellent experience. The job came in on time and on budget; Ernie and his crew were a pleasure to have around; and the rooms look gorgeous. Ernie always shows up when he says he's going to (which sounds like a small thing, but it isn't if you're juggling two jobs, two kids, and not having a kitchen!). He and his crew are very kid-friendly.

We particularly liked two things about working with Ernie. First, when the inevitable (small) problems and differences around expectation arose, Ernie worked with us to resolve them fairly and respectfully. Second, Ernie treated the job as if he were building a relationship rather than conducting a one-time transaction -- and, as a result, we would happily hire him again.

Sarah and Peter
Belmont, Massachusetts



Dear Ernie,

Thank you for the great work your company did remodeling our kitchen.  You came highly recommended and it became obvious from the beginning why that was so.  We appreciated the one on one process of designing a new kitchen, including the selection and layout of the cabinets and the design and placement of the half wine bottle shaped island.  You took into consideration our particular needs and preferences.

The quality of the cabinets was superior to those we had seen at large kitchen specialty stores and your extensive choice of styles and finishes let us vary the appearance among the cabinets, allowing us to personalize them to our taste.

We soon learned that the quality of the cabinets was well matched by your attention to detail.  You ensured that every corner, joint, and seam in the kitchen matched perfectly, not just at the time of installation but even now over a year later.  We still cannot tell where the old and new sections of the partially replaced ceiling meet.  The granite countertop fits perfectly against the wall and cabinets, and the tile backsplash is flawless.  Your relentless concern for the appearance, functionality, and durability of the kitchen is obvious and we truly appreciate it.

Since our kitchen has been completed we have visited 4 different friends who had kitchen renovations done by other contractors.  Those visits emphasized how fortunate we are that Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling remodeled our kitchen.  Two of those kitchens have expensive granite counter tops that do meet the edge of their professional grade appliances; one has cabinet doors that are no longer aligned after only a few months use, and joints that do not match perfectly; another has a granite counter top with a seam in an unsightly location.  Your careful planning and attention to detail prevented such unfortunate faults.  Thank you for being so particular.  

We have highly recommended you to others and look forward to hiring your company for any future renovation or building projects. 

Tricia & Tony
Billerica, MA

Concord Kitchen & Bath
 My wife and I had been contemplating a kitchen overhaul for about 4 years or so.  Along with doing our own research, we turned to our employers who provided a referral services search program.  This was very helpful since we both have very busy schedules and we try to cover all bases prior to making a purchase/ investment.  We were provided with a listing of several contractors in the area that fit the criteria of the services we were looking for and we began our interviewing process.  We met with all on the list but none stood out like Concord Kitchen & Bath.

From the very first meeting I knew that if we were going to commit to this project, CKB was who we would go with.  I was impressed with their professionalism and in-depth knowledge of products/manufacturers and the design options presented to us.  Ernie is very knowledgeable in his field and did a great job of working with us to explain all of our options and the pros and cons associated with them.
I did not feel pressured to make a decision at anytime.  We had several consultations prior to the start of the project and were presented with samples and options for all materials that would be used; cabinets, flooring, countertops, tile backsplash etc. They mapped out a construction plan and stuck to it.  They had excellent attention to detail and kept us informed about the status of the project every step of the way. 

All work was completed in a timely fashion and I felt at ease leaving them in my home while we were not there.  We have been very happy with the new look and functionality of our kitchen and would highly recommend Concord Kitchen & Bath.    

Wayne & Alison
Billerica Ma.

We love our new kitchen.  From design to completion Ernie was the consummate professional.  During the design phase we weren't always sure what we wanted, but Ernie's experience and knowledge helped us immensely in choosing layouts, cabinets, lighting and everything else.  During construction Ernie and the guys were always professional.  They were considerate beyond expectation and while a major renovation like ours is never convenient they did there best every day to clean up and make it livable.  We highly recommend Concord Kitchen and Bath to anyone considering a renovation project, large or small.

Brian & Gina
Billerica Ma.



Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc.
Chelmsford, MA

Dear Ernie,

THANK YOU for the outstanding workmanship in our home improvement projects.  From the major kitchen renovation to the addition of our family room we are so pleased with the results.

Although construction projects tend to be somewhat stressful for homeowners, you and your employees were always on top of the work items and more importantly kept us informed every step of the way. I appreciated the courtesy and professionalism of the workers who spent many days in our home.

Please feel free to use us as references for your future clients as we are delighted customers!

Best Regards,
Chris and Dennis
Carlisle, MA

Hi Ernie,
We have had Concord Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling Inc. do remodeling and construction projects on our home in Carlisle for years and we are more than happy to recommend them.  In fact, we have recommended them to our friends, who have also had them do work on their home.  We have been completely satisfied with the quality and value of their work, and they’ve done more than one project for us.

Everything was done perfectly, with great results.  Ernie Cimino pays attention to every detail, has great subcontractor and supplier contacts, and goes the extra mile in customer satisfaction.  Excellent quality workmanship.  Ernie is honest, forthright and has great regard for his customers.  We’ve had other contractor experiences in the past, but I wouldn’t use anyone else after my experience with Concord Construction.

John and Colette
Carlisle, MA

Hi Ernie,

We were completely satisfied with the work done by Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc. on our 3 bathrooms.  The work was excellent quality, fairly priced and was done in a timely manner.  The staff was professional, friendly and completely trustworthy.

We would definitely recommend them and would hire them for future projects.

Regis and Anne
Carlisle, MA



Dear Ernie,                                                                                                           

We are enjoying our two bathrooms that you remodeled for us. The workmanship of you, your employees and subcontractors is outstanding. Your positive and meaningful suggestions throughout the construction were greatly appreciated. We were very pleased with the way your people protected non-work areas and cleaned up after each workday. We were comfortable with your people in all respects and were unconcerned if we had to leave our home for an appointment or errand while work was in process. Overall, we are extremely happy with Concord & Kitchen  & Bath. We will definitely have you back to do additional work in our home in the future.                                                                                                                                

Jack & Eileen
Chelmsford. MA



Re:  Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc.

We have worked with Ernie Cimino and his team on two major projects over the past 3 1/2 years.  Ernie is scrupulously honest, efficient, and thorough.  Ernie presented a clear and thoughtful vision of the project, and he regularly updated us on any changes and issues that arose.  Ernie helped create my dream kitchen that is functional and gorgeous; the master bathroom is better than we could have imagined.  Ernie and his team’s workmanship and quality has been consistently complimented by neighbors and friends.  We highly recommend Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling! 

James and Gitta
Still River, MA



We have known and relied on Ernie Cimino and Concord Kitchen & Bath for all of our large and small home remodeling projects over the past 15 years. During this time we have found Ernie to be the most honest, reliable and professional person we’ve met in the home remodeling business. Our projects have ranged from renovating a post & beam family room to replacing windows to a complete expansion and remodeling of our kitchen and dining room. Through all of these projects, Ernie and his team have always been reliable, courteous, and hardworking. Their design ideas enhance the projects and their workmanship is superior; treating our house and our projects as if they were their own. Projects are always on time and on budget because of Ernie’s personal attention to every detail and his team’s dedication to each job. When we receive compliments for the work we’ve had done to our home, the conversation invariably turns to how proud we are to know and recommend Ernie Cimino and Concord Kitchen & Bath.

Mitch & Debbie
Lexington, MA

In spring 2007, Concord Kitchen and Bath renovated 2 of our 3 bathrooms. We solicited several quotations, and Concord Kitchen and Bath distinguished themselves by providing the most imaginative plan, the best references, and the most detailed analysis. The supplied cost breakdown and timeline proved to be amazingly accurate. Due to the thorough up-front design, we encountered none of the customary surprises that can occur in such projects.

These guys are all about quality. An example: After gutting to the bathroom to the studs, Ernie and company felt the pitch of the existing outflow pipe wasn’t quite right. It probably would have been passable to leave the pipe as-is, but instead, it was ripped out and replaced on their own dime.

The staff at Concord Kitchen and Bath was professional and conscientious. Their knowledge of the products and the trade was comprehensive. We highly recommend this company.

Tamar and Jon
Lexington, MA  

Ernie Cimino is a very personable guy who does outstanding construction work.  We worked with Ernie and Concord Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling,  Inc., a few years ago to remodel two of the bathrooms in our house.  It was our first experience with construction or remodeling, and it could not have gone better.

Before our project started, Ernie worked with us to come up with an effective design that was functional, attractive, and satisfied our requirements.  With his experience and expertise, Ernie suggested several alternative designs and described the pros and cons of each so that we could choose the best design for our needs. 

As the work was being done, Ernie kept us informed so that we knew what would be done when.  He and his crew were meticulous in their work; their attention to detail was impressive.  And the work was done in such a way as to minimize the impact on our daily life (e.g., keeping a shower usable even as it was being worked on, and doing a thorough cleanup at the end of each day).  When the work was finished, Ernie came back and made sure that we were happy with everything.

Our experience with Ernie and Concord Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling, Inc., was so good that we would not hesitate to work with them again on future projects.  We highly recommand Ernie and his company for their quality work, their responsiveness, and their total commitment to customer satisfaction.  We know that the same care and quality that went into our project goes into each one of Ernie’s jobs.

-Janice and Wayne
 Lexington, MA
 March 26, 2009


When we purchased our house in Lexington many years ago, it was a typical three-bedroom colonial with a one-story converted breezeway and a one-car garage.  Over the years we have made various and sundry additions.  In 1997 my wife and I decided to add a master bedroom suite above the breezeway and garage.  The year before, Ernie Cimino had done some significant repairs on my daughter's house in Concord prior to her putting it on the market.  The work was done expeditiously and the price was fair.  So he seemed the logical choice for our project.  After several discussion meetings, he had plans drawn up and a price estimate which was quite reasonable.  I felt quite comfortable working with him and did not solicit other bids for the job.

The work took about three months to complete.  The resulting suite is approximately square with area totaling about 480 square feet.  This includes a 7' by 8.5' walk-in closet and a 7' by 11.5' bathroom.  The bathroom has a 3' by 5' shower stall with two opposing shower heads, a beautiful marble lining and double sliding tempered glass doors.

The bedroom itself is slightly over 15' by 20' with a cathedral ceiling that's about 15' high at its peak.  An array of tall windows along one wall overlook the street (southern exposure) and two smaller windows on the opposite wall give a view of our back yard.  Ceiling lights provide general illumination at night and we have individual narrow-beam lights wall-mounted over a king size bed for bedtime reading.  Despite the bed plus bureaus, a reading chair and ottoman, TV, a treadmill and a 7' by 8' bookcase hanging on one wall, the room feels very spacious. 

In addition to the bedroom suite, Ernie totally remodeled the existing second floor bathroom, moved some walls in the second floor hallway to provide access to the new bedroom, and reroofed the entire second floor.

More recently, I purchased a harpsichord and needed to expand an existing first floor room in order to have an appropriate place for the instrument.  I again turned to Ernie for the modifications and again the work was accomplished in a timely manner and with first class workmanship. 

In my experience, Ernie has been realistic in his assessment of what can be done, what the cost will be and how long it will take.  His endeavors show quality of workmanship.  Personally, I find him very amiable and easy to communicate with.  Based on this I have no reservations in recommending Ernie and his crew for remodeling work. 

Bill & Valerie
Lexington Ma.


Merrimack, NH

We have had a lot people working on our home...Concord Kitchen and Bath and their staff is the first company we have invited back.  They do a beautiful job and the staff is like family.  His subs that do the electric and the floors are wonderful as well.  After two years my floors are still absolutely beautiful.   

The other day while talking to Ernie he said something like.."Once I do a job for a customer; I feel like I am in charge of their home.  I take care everybodies house!"  He has certainly proven that with us.   

Thank you,
Ruthie and Eddie
Merrimack NH.



Dear Ernie,

Jackie and I are very happy with the remodeling you and your sub-contractors did in our home in Methuen. My parents are very comfortable in their newly remodeled in-law apartment. Jackie loves her new kitchen and still sings your praises to her friends.

When I first met you, I thought you were too nice to be true. Now I'm convinced that you are genuine and truly care about the customer. You and your sub-contractors were always there when you were needed, and there were never any excuses.

Thanks for all your hard work


South Natick

Concord Kitchen Bath & Remodeling Inc.

One home library, one kitchen, one laundry room and three bathrooms later we are still extremely grateful to have been referred to Ernie Cimino and Concord Kitchen and Bath.  His design, construction and technological expertise, the outstanding workmanship of every member of his team, and excellent communication at every step of the process—planning, execution, cleanup and respect for deadlines mutually agreed upon—left us completely satisfied.  His pricing was very reasonable and after completion of the work, Mr. Cimino has remained available to consult whenever we have questions or need help with small jobs.  We look forward to working with Mr. Cimino again.

Judy and John
South Natick



Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen & Bath

We purchased our kitchen cabinets from Ernie approximately 3 years ago. The cabinets and countertop look great. We’ve had a lot of compliments on them.
Ernie designed a couple of different layouts to show us the best way to utilize our space.

The installers did a great job and really paid attention to details.
We would recommend Concord Kitchen & Bath to any one needing remodeling work.

Bob & Mary-Ellen
Westford, MA



Mr. Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen and Bath
Concord Construction

Thank you so much for the incredible construction project you did on our house.  The remodeled kitchen and bathrooms are beautiful and very functional.  You planned out everything perfectly.  The new family room, office, mudroom and additional space for the master bedroom and garage are all terrific.  The workmanship is superb.  We also appreciate the renovation of our basement, which also turned out fantastic.

You were a pleasure to work with and very responsive to our concerns.  And, we really appreciate that you still help us with questions about the house, even those that have nothing to do with your project. 

Our family enjoys the work that you did and is grateful that you were so particular about the quality of your work.  If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to use our names.

Celeste & Tom
Weston, MA

Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling, Inc.

Dear Ernie,

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 4 years since you completed our renovation of our kitchen, baths, and built our family room.  Your design and construction has stood the test of time and we still delight in our "new" home.  When hearing others speak of their renovation challenges I have little to say since our process went so smoothly and the outcome has been terrific.  The craftsmanship was excellent, we felt involved in the process, and your design ideas, particularly in the kitchen, have made all the difference in the usability of our space.  Your team did a great job and we will always remember the effort you made to make sure that the project was completed on time so that we could put up our Christmas tree in the new family room.

Gregg and Bonnie
Weston, MA

Mr. Ernie Cimino
Concord Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling Inc.

Dear Ernie,

It has been a while since you completed the remodel of our kitchen and the addition that expanded our living area and master bedroom. We are still enjoying your workmanship and are very happy with the way the project worked out. We appreciated your suggestions during the planning of the project and the effort you made to incorporate changes that came along during construction. We still use your plumbing sub contractor from time to time and don’t hesitate to recommend you whenever one of our friends is considering a project.

Brian and Lydia
Weston, MA


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